The Cost of Replacing a Fuse Box(Consumer Unit)

topping anybody from using an old fuse box or forcing anybody to replace an old fuse box with a new consumer unit. As long as a professional inspection certifies it safe and functional, then there’s no pressing legal need to change.

Aside from the legal aspect, however, there are several reasons to consider a change. A lot of people, for instance, will consider switching to a new consumer unit when they plan to upgrade to a new property, even when the old fuse box is still certified okay for usage. Some others want to experience the many benefits that have been advertised in modern units.
Of course, if it fails to a test, then the logical thing to do is to change immediately. Thankfully, modern consumer units have even been upgraded to offer more safety, more efficiency, and convenience than a conventional fuse and those are reasons why a homeowner might want to change too.


Why Upgrade?

You should know that the usefulness of your consumer unit is not limited to the control of electrical functions in your home. Usually, your consumer unit should be intelligent enough to detect dangerous problems too when they arise. By intelligence here, we are not even talking about the standard tripping of an old fuse box. Modern consumer units are equipped with dual protection RCDs. The importance of this RCD protection in the home cannot be overemphasized. They are designed for your safety and the safety of your household. RCDs are of course intelligent enough to detect faults in electrical appliances, moments before you know and when they do, they take protective actions. They are even designed smart enough to activate themselves if someone touches a live cable by accident. RCDs boast of some fascinating safety functionalities that you would not see in most other electric components.

Unfortunately, quite a good number of homes are yet to incorporate the use of RCD protection, and even those that want to upgrade think it is probably too expensive, because of the functionalities that modern units boast of. We’ve always advised customers to improve their consumer units since it can mean a lot of additional safety to them. The price of upgrading is not even as outrageous as a lot of people think.

If you are looking to change your fuse box but don’t know what the cost would be, you don’t need to worry about that again. After careful research and market survey, we’ve been able to gather the best quotes for fuse box replacement and from it, we’ve come up with a range of costs as average payment for fuse upgrade. Note that the quotes that would be displayed here represent real prices from the best companies so that you can get a reasonable budget for your upgrade from these prices:


New Job DescriptionCost of MaterialsCost of labour
New consumer unit 6 circuits£150£350
New consumer unit 10 circuits£180£375
New consumer unit 12 circuits£200£400

It is essential to state here that all the costs listed here are averages and may vary depending on a lot of factors like location, supplier, haggling ability, etc. It should, however, give you a clue on what your budget should look like.

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