EICR Testing

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What does an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) test?

An EICR test is an in-depth assessment of the electrical system in your property (domestic, commercial or industrial) which results in the creation of an official report.

All tests should be carried out by qualified electricians with the correct level of expertise and experience. The frequency of the EICR test is dependent upon the nature of the premises including the age and use.

Why do you need an EICR?

The core purpose of an EICR test is to ensure the electrical systems within your premises are safe, have been installed correctly, are being maintained correctly and are in good working order. This important test is designed to verify the safety and functioning order for any electoral system in any type of property.

What does an EICR test look for?

An EICR test will assesses the working condition of your electrical systems. It evaluates the efficiency of system, its operations and closely monitors areas of possible deterioration and related defects.

Our qualified testing team are able to check the condition of the electrics against the UK standard for the safety of electrical installations. The key areas which we look for include;

  • Issues with overloading of circuits or equipment
  • Issues with overheating of circuits or equipment
  • Risks of electric shock
  • Risks of fire and related hazards
  • Safety issues with bonding of installations and equipment
  • Safety issues with earthing of installations and equipment
  • Assessment of potential faulty electrical work that could lead to faults or injury in the future

How do we perform an EICR test?

To perform an EICR test, our testing team shall first be required to disconnect the electrical power from the mains power supply. A combination of visual inspection to identify broken equipment or incorrect wiring is carried out followed by dead testing to identify continuity issues, insulation resistance and polarity. Finally, we conduct live testing which checks the system and its ability to react effectively in the event of a fault, electric shock injury and overload.

The EICR Test results

Any faults we find with the electrical system shall be included in the report. If there are any failures then they shall also be included in the report. Furthermore, the results shall be graded in terms of their severity and in accordance with EICR fault codes. Click here to learn more about how we remedy any issues which may arise.

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