Remedial Works for EICR Testing

Are you looking for Remedial Works for EICR Testing in North London, Barnet and Borehamwood?
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Remedial Works for EICR Testing

After the EICR testing has been completed, there can be any number of issues which need urgent attention. Should the report contain any C1 or C2 codes, or any high risk recommendations then you shall be required to appoint a suitably qualified electrician to remedy the issues.

Jif Electrical is able to immediately complete the remedial electrical work required to resolve any highlighted issues and will retest and issue a satisfactory report upon completion. Until the remedial electrical work is completed, your installation will not be compliant with Health & Safety Legislation.

If your EICR Report contains any issues such as any part of your electrical system has been identified as no longer being up to the required standard, then urgent remedial action is highly recommended. Rather than waiting, Jif Electrical can work on these issues with urgency and care.

What Happens Once the Remedial Work is Completed?

Following completion of remedial work, we shall provide you with an electrical installation certificate or minor electrical installation certificate which shall include details of the work we have successfully carried out. Please note, you will not need a complete re-test of the entire installation and your EICR will be still valid.

If Jif Electrical has not conducted your EICR testing and you would like an estimate for any urgent or non-urgent remedial work then please get in touch and we shall be happy to provide you with a free and non-obligatory estimate.

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