Electrical Rewiring

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Electrical Rewiring in North London, Barnet and Borehamwood

Many house owners neglect the condition of their house’s electric wiring. They do not care that they have lived in the same house for decades without doing any inspection to check the hazards the wiring could have caused. House and building electric wiring is not meant to last forever. At some point, electric wiring is bound to deteriorate or break down due to extreme temperatures, improper equipment usage, or sheer wear and tear of the wiring over time.

The worst thing that can happen when electric wiring fails is fire. When the wiring insulation breaks down, it can cause short circuiting, a fire and safety hazard that may lead to electric shock or electrocution. You do not want your property, which you spent hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on, to just go off in flames because of a fault you failed to anticipate. You also certainly do not want any of your household members to be a victim of electric-related accident.

JIF Electrical offers a complete electrical rewiring solution for both domestic and commercial premises. Our experience team of electricians are fully qualified, so the work carried out is of the highest standard. So you are in safe hands when it comes to planning and implementing electrical wiring in North London, Barnet and Borehamwood.

Why You Should Invest in Electrical Rewiring

Safety: Safety is paramount. When your house is properly rewired, you are guaranteed safe from fire and accident such as electrocution and electric shock caused by faulty electric circuit and wiring and other electrical issues.

Appliances Protection: Rewiring considers the present and even future load of your home appliances and equipment. This ensures that you do not overload your electric connections nor supply improper amount of current to equipment, frequent causes of damage to electric appliances and even fire.

Energy Savings: Through rewiring, the efficient distribution of current in your electric appliances and equipment is assured, which results to energy savings – without you doing anything different from your normal appliances usage. You save on your energy bills and contribute positively to the environment in the process. Less energy equals less greenhouse gases, which hurts the environment.

Increased Home Sale Value: A house that has undergone rewiring at the proper time commands a higher sale value. It gives the potential buyers the assurance that it is free from electrical faults that can give them future headaches. Having a certified electrician perform electrical rewiring in North London, Barnet and Borehamwood, sign off on the house’s safety certification will bring your house’s value even higher.

When is Electrical Rewiring Necessary

House electric wiring has an average lifespan of about 20 years. The properties of the materials used with it deteriorate over this period. This tells us that our house should be rewired if it is 20 years old from the last wiring or rewiring date.

f you are not certain that a house you bought has been rewired as should be scheduled, it safe to have it rewired for your own peace of mind. Also, if you lose track of the last rewiring date of the house you already own, it wise to have an inspection, then have a rewiring done on portions of the house, as necessary.

It is prudent to have a regular inspection of your house and have the report signed off always. Depending on the inspection results, you may consider rewiring part of the house that poses risk.

Rewiring your house must be done at the appropriate time. Spending a fraction of the cost of your precious asset is smart and sensible. Neglecting it could cost you many things more valuable to you. Do not let a simple, inexpensive action ruin your life from accidents resulting from the dreadful consequences of not rewiring your house at the proper time.

For reliable electrical rewiring in North London, Barnet and Borehamwood, our electricians in Jif Electrical are always ready to lend a helping hand. With years of qualified experience in the electrical industry, we deliver electrical works on time and within budget. Our high-standard customer service, attention to detail, and ability to provide cost and energy-effective power supply are what make us a top choice for electrical rewiring in North London, Barnet and Borehamwood. We are available 24/7 for any electrical emergencies or concerns. Contact us now at 078 0065 2150. or 020 8614 7099

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