The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Lighting Control System

Everyone knows that home lighting control system is a must in every home, irrespective of size, but there are some other advantages and quite a number of disadvantages you probably didn’t know.

Home lighting control systems undeniably look cool, and they are sure an excellent way to keep energy cost down without cutting low on personal gadgets. But there are other advantages, and that’s why it is almost an indispensable accessory in today’s building, and renovation work.

To help you further understand this home accessory and how best it can be useful to your home, we’ve highlighted some exciting benefits and disadvantages of having it installed in your home. Take a look:



Home Lighting Control Show Your Home Off at Its Best

This is probably the biggest sell for the home accessory that has gained mainstay among homeowners. Lighting scenes have their ways of making the interior and exterior of your home look more beautiful than they probably are. With this system, you can even have control of the lighting levels in your house – with the ability to preset and instantly recall lighting level with the push of a button.
Having different levels of lighting for different activities can bring extra fun to life. Admittedly, this feature of the lighting control system helps for adding warmth, ambiance, and highlighting special features.

They Bring a Good Level of Convenience

Having control of all the lighting points in large houses is relative, and that’s why owners often have to sacrifice massive amounts of energy by leaving lights on in some parts when they are not needed because it’s difficult to go round all the time. However, with a lighting control system fully integrated into the home, you will have unlimited access to every lighting unit in all parts of the house from a central point. You’ll not miss any light because you can see where lights are on and where they are not.

These days, it has become possible to integrate the lighting system with security alarms so that lights can be switched off automatically or even work based on your usual activity so that it looks like you are home when you are not.

Energy Saving

The increasing cost of energy means that people are continually looking for ways to cut cost. Thanks to the ability of home lighting control system to dim lights when required, energy consumption can now be controlled to a reasonable extent.
The great thing about the dimming feature is that the dimmed percentage is too insignificant to be noticed, yet enough to result in huge savings across different properties. Being able to switch off lights when they are not in use automatically is another way to save plenty of energy.

They Increase the Life of Lamps

This is perhaps another feature of the light control system that can be classified under money saving, but for its level of importance, we’ve separated it.
Lighting control systems are famous for having a slow ramp up to full brightness that helps to increase the lamp’s life. This might not sound very impressive to you if you use low-cost lamps, but light control systems do not just regulate smaller lamps; they also control huge chandeliers in double height spaces, making them the perfect accessories for use in buyer homes and other functional areas like warehouses and parking lots where such lights are needed.

Easy Set Up of Scenes

The brightness adjustment feature of the light control system will interest aspiring filmmakers and creative photographers. With the full integration of the lighting system, users can adjust lighting channels up and down from a central position until a perfect scene is created.

The best part of it is that the ideal light levels for particular scenes can be saved and recalled when needed by a simple press of a scene button on a wall-mounted keyboard.


Expensive Maintenance

Apart from being quite costly to buy and install, home lighting control system is also expensive to maintain. Although they last very long when properly installed, they still sometimes need one or two touches to keep them from malfunctions. In such cases, you will realize that just like it is with purchasing them, buying parts necessary for proper maintenance can be pretty expensive too. For this reason, we’ve built our home lighting control system with the best materials, to keep it from easy damage.
We also offer warranty to cover repairs during the warranty period.

Wrong Setup Can Make it Difficult To Use

When poorly designed or installed, the home lighting control system may malfunction, not work adequately, or not work at all. We understand how frustrating this can be, and that’s why we prefer to install fully customisable systems with the right configurations to make it easy to install.

They Need Experts for Proper Installation

The home lighting control system is a complex system with too many technicalities to be handled by a non-expert. Therefore, proper installation requires the services of trained experts, which, apart from adding to its cost, can lead to serious inconvenience, since getting an expert can be pretty difficult. To curb this, we’ve designed our brand of home lighting control system to be easy to install.
Apart from its ease of installation, we also have an expert support system that is always available and easily accessible to help simplify installation and usage.

There are a lot of other advantages of the home light control system that we’ve not been able to cover in this review. The benefits are too numerous for the system to be overlooked in any home. Yes, there are disadvantages also, but we’ve taken proactive measures to ensure that these problems are not noticed in our brand of home lighting control system. So you can be sure that by purchasing from us, you can set yourself one step ahead in an effort to make housekeeping easier and more convenient.

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